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mcHoward’ High Performance Leadership Academy for High School Students is for students in grades 9-12 meeting monthly over a six or nine month period of time to accomplish one goal; grow the leadership of these young students, and show them how to navigate the challenges in their life while finding their unique pathway to success. We accomplish this with relevant, practical content developed for high school students, along with coaching, facilitation, and sharing best practices and accountability- all directly connected to each student's academic situation and their aspiration to be successful.


While all high school boys & girls are welcome to attend the High Performance Leadership Academy for High School Students, our program was developed to address the achievement gap that exists for African American students in our public school systems across America. mcHoward Business Coaching is attempting to close the achievement gap by showing students how to participate in great leadership.

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HPLA HS General Program Flow and Length?

Mission: Use our expertise in coaching, and leadership development to grow African American high school students to reach their full potential in academics, on the field, and in their careers.


The vision is to create high performance leaders who will have the skills to engage and mobilize the world.


At the High Performance Leadership Academy for High School Boys & Girls, we believe that academic success can be achieved through great leadership. While curriculum is important, a student can only succeed when they understand the attitude they need to have and what behaviors can help them succeed in the classroom. Once these young men understand how to manage the noise in their head and how to leverage influence, academic success is easily achieved.


The program as presented here is designed as a six-month or nine-month program. Participants meet monthly. The program can be broken up into a 6-month program. The participants may contact their coach anytime outside of class M-F from 9:00 am to 5:00pm EST

  • Meeting #1: Attitudes of Success

    Learn what the four attitudes of success are and learn how to apply them for success in academics, athletics, and your career.

  • Meeting #2: Learn How to Behave Like the Leader You Are

    Become aware of the behaviors that make you look like a leader at home, in class, and on the field/court.

  • Meeting #3: The Inner Game of the Leader

    Learn how to shift your mindset on days you do not feel like being leader. Understand what you need to do to move from a state of not wanting to lead, to shifting to attitudes and behaviors that compel you to participate in leadership.

  • Meeting #4: Leadership Perceptions & Managing Your Personal Brand

    Become aware of the false perceptions, priorities, and limiting beliefs that could be keeping you from reaching your full potential. Understand how your perception as a leader impacts your personal brand. You will also be made aware of the messages you are sending based on your actions and your behaviors.

  • Meeting #5: Communicate with Impact/Prepare for Graduation

    Learn how bring flexibility into your communication. Learn seven different communication approaches and in which situations to use them. You will also learn how to listen to help with decision making.

  • Meeting #6: Graduation/Launch Pad

    Strategically build a network of contacts that will lead to your success in school, college, and your career. Learn how to build strong professional relationships.

  • Meeting #7: Power and Influence

    Improve your ability to influence people

  • Meeting #8: Strategic Time Management/Prepare for Graduation

    Learn how to manage your time and spend much of your time in activities that help you reach your goals and aspirations.

  • Meeting #9: Graduation/Taking Your Leadership into the Community

    How can you take everything you have learned in the program and improve your community?

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Our mission is to provide high quality leadership development to individuals who have a desire to raise their leadership effectiveness.


The vision is to create high performance leaders who will have the skills to engage and mobilize the world.

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